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On Demand Cloud Based Time Tracking System..

If you have ever looked into investing in a time tracking system for your company, you probably already know that it can be costly. Expensive software, dedicated servers, and IT maintenance….  Whether your employees clock in through an Internet browser or a new physical time clock, you can manage all the information through the Web.
  • No servers to buy and Time Tracking Novi MI - Managed IT Service, Microsoft Networking - Key Technology Solutions - Clockmaintain
  • No software to install
  • No major initial software investment
  • Per User/Per Month means its scalable and cost efficient
  • No contractual commitment required makes it a Risk Free solution

The Value Proposition? Here it is:

Slash Payroll Costs

When you automate time-tracking, you save time and money. You free up your staff for other tasks, while eliminating errors. Manual errors are probably costing you 1-8% of gross payroll, according to the American Payroll Association.

Time Savings

Substantially reduce time spent managing paper time sheets or data files from separate systems. Also, you can help Supervisors better manage their employees and increase control over time records and labor expenses.

End Time Theft and Overpayments

Chances are, your workers’ late arrivals, long lunches, and early departures are costing you 1-4 hours in wages…per employee, per week! Our system puts a quick end to that. Biometric time clocks render ‘buddy punching’–clocking in and out for a pal–obsolete.

No More Overtime

This attendance systems that displays timesheets in real time, giving you instant transparency into your business. You can access work hours, budgets, and schedules ‘live’, fixing problems before they occur.

Job Cost Analysis and Tracking

Help protect your profit margins by having a true and accurate account for your labor costs per task or per job. Job Cost tracking is a simple way to get a better understanding of your true labor costs. Essential really, for most manufacturing companies. And because the system is 'real–time', and manager can see what jobs are in production from a labor perspective, at the click of a button… any time of the day.

Avoid Implementation Fees

We handle your rollout A-Z, across every site, for no extra cost. (Believe it or not, some companies make you hire a consultant just to implement their system!) No training costs, its easy to use, and free 24/7/365 support is a phone call away. 

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