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3 Things Happening In Your Business

You Need To Know These Three Things Happening In Your Business Today

Do You Know What Is Really Going on in Your Office?

The odds are great that one or more of the three things below are currently happening in your business.  Let Key Technology Solutions evaluate your network, backups, current I.T. support costs, and we can provide proof in our results. Misconfigured networks are easy to exploit and are able to occur because a business doesn’t want to allow the time or spend the money for audits

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You May Not Be Aware of Loss of Employee Productivity 

There are things you think you know, or suspect are happening but cannot see. Your employees lose valuable time waiting for a webpage to load and this time adds up. Updates are not getting done, causing system slowdowns or freezes. Don’t wait to address your IT issues because they rarely just go away.

  • Outdated, slow and problematic PC workstations
  • Misconfigured network
  • Aging or misconfigured server(s)
  • Lack of server/pc maintenance & critical updates

Overpaying for IT Services Can Be Fixed!

Without managed IT services, you may have an employee who has a job at your company doing double duty to troubleshoot IT problems. Is there that guy at your office that everyone calls over to fix their issues? And that isn’t his or her real job, and maybe they aren’t really helping, they just seem to know a little more IT than anyone else? They are actually being unproductive. 

If you do have an outsourced IT provider that isn’t always available when you need them for fixing a problem, what happens in the case of a real emergency?

  • Not tracking employee time spent on IT tasks
  • Current provider 'nickel & dimes' you with 'break/fix' invoices

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Back Up/Disaster Recovery Strategy Lacking or Non-Existent

Today there really is no excuse for not having a back up or disaster recovery strategy in place for your business. It truly is affordable, and you can’t afford not to have one. See case study (link to case study /system virtualization page). Don’t wait to learn your lesson the hard way, when disaster strikes and you are left scrambling, or even lose your business.

  • No backups currently being performed
  • Inefficient tape system utilized
  • Backups not monitored or restorability tested
  • Data not leaving the building or if it does, it is manually
  • Mean time to recovery from disaster is unknown, and probably weeks if at all
  • Nothing is automated

Managed IT Services are affordable. Most small to medium businesses cannot afford an entire IT department. That is why Key Technology Solutions started. We manage your IT services and are your IT support desk.  Let the experts with over 25 years of experience do the work for you so you can get back to YOUR business.