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3 Things Happening In Your Business

The odds are great that one or more of the three things below are currently happening in your business.  Let KTS evaluate your network, backups, current I.T. support costs and we can provide proof in our results.

Loss of Employee Productivity From:

  • Outdated, slow and problematic pc workstations
  • Misconfigured network
  • Aging or misconfigured server(s)
  • Lack of server/pc maintenance & critical updates

Overpaying For I.T. Services:

  • Not tracking employee time spent on I.T. tasks
  • Current provider 'nickel & dimes' you with 'break/fix' invoices

Backup/Disaster Recover Strategy Lacking or Non-Existent:

  • No backups currently being performed
  • Inefficient tape system utilized
  • Backups not monitored or restorability tested
  • Data not leaving the building or if it does it is manually
  • Meantime to recovery from disaster is unknown and probably weeks if at all
  • Nothing is automated

Technology We Use: