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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services Novi MI - Managed IT Service, Microsoft Networking - Key Technology Solutions - 166672925Managing a fleet of printers has been nothing but a headache for most businesses. If printers aren’t running out of toner in the middle of a huge print job, they’re breaking down at a critical moment because someone forgot to schedule maintenance. It’s much simpler to hand the whole messy job over to a professional. Our managed print services (MPS) program delivers these valuable services without the expense or work of setting up your own. Start your MPS involvement with our PLUS offering; then, take a deeper dive into our ADVANCED offering or purchase each service á la carte.


You don’t know how much you spend on toner or even how many cartridges you’re using over a particular period of time. As a result, organizations either stockpile toner in storage space that could be better utilized or, even worse, find themselves running out in the middle of (surprise!) a critical print job. End those kinds of surprises once and for all, and bring your printing into the 21st century. The PLUS program is designed to control how and when toner is ordered and save precious time and dollars. • Specialized software is installed on the printer that performs orders automatically. No need to place an order. Ever. • Never wonder, “Where’s the toner?” Track orders in real time using your Printer Portal. 21st century convenience. • Automated ordering means the toner arrives on time, every time.


Would you prefer more control over repairs? Then this option will suit you best. Based on a cost-per page model, MPS ADVANCED includes automatic toner replenishment as well as monitoring for routine maintenance and urgent repairs.

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